Be Transformed is the foundation of what is taught at Scope Ministries International.

Some of the questions addressed are: How can the good news of the gospel help me right now?  I need more than just a promise of heaven someday.  How can God possibly forgive me of all the sins I’ve committed?  What should I do about my anger and other “negative” emotions?  Why can’t I seem to obey God and live up to His “standards”, no matter how hard I try? Just what does God expect from me? 


CASE OF 24: 


The Media Pack is designed to assist you in presenting the Be Transformed program. It includes a Power Point presentation for each lesson of BT, as well as the handouts that follow along – one with the blanks filled in (for the teacher), and one set without (for the group members). We have also included a promotional video for your convenience which explains more fully what Be Transformed is all about. As an added bonus, there are several short videos featuring our on-staff authors presenting their books.  All of this information is contained conveniently in a flash drive.


Teens Transformed is the ultimate teen workbook!  With eight sleek, insightful and well-illustrated lessons on Biblical principles, this workbook is basic and practical in its presentation of truth and challenging in its personal application.

Teens Transformed is uniquely designed to:

Paint vivid pictures of God’s love!

Illuminate practical truth

Burst with thirst-quenching Scriptures

Amaze you with insightful quotes from Mark Twain to Kermit the Frog

Teens Transformed teaches:

The Foundation: The Sufficiency of Scripture, The Nature of Man

The Trinity: New Identity in Christ, Dancing with Holy Spirit, God-Thoughts

The Practical Application of Radical Truth: Belief Systems, Torah Syndrome, Emotions. Teens Transformed also provides a Leaders Guide.


CASE OF 24: 

Be Transformed 2

Designed to strengthen and deepen the message of grace learned in Be Transformed: Discovering Biblical Solutions to Life’s Problems, the study includes a review of concepts such as the tripartite nature of man, the REED acronym for managing emotions (Recognize, Express to God, Evaluate, Decide) and the Funnel prayer tool.  Five days of homework assignments are included with each essay written by counselors and teachers on staff with Scope Ministries International.


CASE OF 24: 


The Pneumanetics textbook is our model of Biblical counseling. This book examines topics related to counseling through Bible study, case studies of real life clients, and personal application.

Topics include: Sufficiency of Christ, Nature of Man, New Identity in Christ, Belief Systems, Renewing the Mind, Emotions, Father/God Concept, Absent Father Syndrome, Torah Syndrome, and Spiritual Warfare.


Be Transformed Truth Cards - $10.00

Each 3x5 card comes in sets of 25

Grace in the Garden - $14.00

Is Genesis just the story of creation? Or could it contain more than can be imagined? Let's go on a treasure hunt to spy out the grace to be found in the Garden of Eden. The first three chapters of Genesis contain the very nature and character of Father God, His intention for His greatest creation -- man, and His great love and grace in the midst of man's complete and utter failure. These three chapters are foundational for the rest of Scripture. You are invited back in time to see the God of creation in a new way.

The Weight of Grace - $14.00

Discover what the Bible has to say about revealing the underlying issues that motivate overeating and how to find lasting freedom from obsessions with food, weight, and dieting. For use by individuals or small groups. Contains an easy-to-use facilitator's guide. Formatted in workbook style with plenty of room provided to write answers to revelatory application questions.

Living Inward - $7.95

A collection of poems, short stories, and meditations by Patricia Everett and Lauren Anderson. 


Grace to Relate - $12.95

Most books on relationships examine right and wrong behaviors, attitudes, or emotions. Grace to Relate deals with the beliefs behind behaviors, attitudes and emotions which often reveal our inability to change. The grace of God has given the real power to change. How is this received and applied? 

Unleashing Your Passion for God - $12.95

God has given His children a new heart and a new spirit (Ezekiel 36:26). This new heart and spirit will reflect His love, grace, and joy. If this is true why is it difficult to experience an intimate passionate walk with Him? In Unleashing Your Passion For God seeks to answer the question "What hinders us from the passionate walk we so desire?" As you read this book ask God to reveal Himself to you. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you into all Truth.

Grace to Forgive - $6.95

Why grace to forgive?  Forgiveness is not based on my ability to repent or perform.  I do not earn or deserve forgiveness.  Jesus Christ purchased forgiveness through His blood.  Forgiveness can only be rooted in His grace and mercy.  Forgiveness is key in living a life of internal contentment and peace.  Unforgiveness can keep you in bondage to those who have injured you.  Find out why many struggle with practicing forgiveness in their relationships.  Learn how His forgiveness can set you free to love others, yourself, and God.

Double Souled - $8.96

As passive men, we suffer from a multi-layer disconnect from being the unique men God designed us to be. Each layer consists of defense mechanisms that protect us from those who would discover the fakes we believe we are. The passive man hides in his secret closet of fear; he is driven by an anger that contradicts every word he uses to avoid confrontation - an anger that pushes him to fight and a fear that chases him into hiding. So we find ourselves on a journey that began when we accepted Christ. Passivity leads to a reverse pride; not good enough, not smart enough, not righteous enough, and a man God can't or won't use. But He has kept the most important promise of all. "Do not fear, for I am with you; do not gaze about, for I am your God; I will make you strong; yea, I will help you; yes, I will uphold you with the right hand of My righteousness." Isaiah 41:10.

Hearing God's Heart in Divorce - $8.96

Divorce is one of the most difficult and divisive subjects for believers. Marriage was designed by God to reflect the oneness we have with Him. So what is Father's heart on this subject? We know that He is a God of oneness and reconciliation. We want to exhaust all possible means toward restoring oneness and reconciliation in marriage. But having said that, does God always insist that His children stay in an abusive, neglectful, or irreconcilably broken marriage at all costs? Does reconciliation necessarily mean that the marriage survives? Does He expect even the innocent victim in a divorce to remain alone forever? Is there such a thing as a graceful divorce?


The True You - $9.99

The True You takes dead aim at the identity crisis that plagues so many Christians and non-Christians today. Religion, inaccurate views of God, as well as rampant performance based teachings in the body of Christ have greatly limited and hindered our ability to see ourselves how God sees us. This book gives readers a much-needed breath of fresh air as Pastor Steve replaces lie-based thinking and perspectives with the Truth of what God says about us.

Reformations in Prayer - $7.00

In a culture where performance, busyness, and self-centeredness seem not only the norm for the world but also for the church, take a journey with Pastor Steve Eden who believes he was invited by Christ to spend time listening, resting, and receiving. Instead of the popular Christian prayer models of "doing better," "trying harder," and "begging God", come experience prayer as a place of intimacy, surrender, and meditation on Truth! Read along and have your heart refreshed as well as your faith transformed and renewed!

Finding Freedom Through Forgiveness - $9.99

This latest book from Pastor Steve Eden extends the hope and healing of Jesus Christ for those who have been battered and bruised by bitterness, resentment, and unforgiveness. There are those who struggle forgiving others and there are those who struggle forgiving themselves ~ in this book there is healing for both!


Be Transformed                                                                                                             $23.95

Case of 24                                                                                                                     344.88

Be Transformed Foreign Languages                                                                              9.95

Be Transformed Leaders Guide                                                                                     10.00

Be Transformed Simplified                                                                                             15.95

Be Transformed Homework Only                                                                                   10.00

Be Transformed Media Package                                                                                    35.00

Teens Transformed                                                                                                         15.95

         Case of 24                                                                                                             229.68

Be Transformed Truth Cards (set of 25)                                                                          10.00

Teens Transformed Leaders Guide                                                                                 5.00

Be Transformed 2                                                                                                           23.95

         Case of 24                                                                                                             344.88

Pneumanetics                                                                                                                 23.95

         Case of 24                                                                                                             344.88

Grace in the Garden                                                                                                       14.00

Weight of Grace                                                                                                             14.00

Grace to Forgive                                                                                                            6.95      

Grace to Relate                                                                                                              12.95

Unleashing Your Passion                                                                                               12.95

Divine Difficulties                                                                                                            6.95

Double Souled                                                                                                               8.96                       

Grace in Brokenness Hearing God’s Heart in Divorce                                                               8.96

The True You                                                                                                                  9.99

Reformations in Prayer                                                                                                  7.00

Finding Freedom Through Forgiveness                                                                         9.99

Living Inward                                                                                                                 7.95



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