Scope Ministries is a grace-based, Christ-centered counseling service,  headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Our ministry offers assistance to teens and adults  through our services,  including Biblical Counseling and Life Coaching.

Scope Ministries also offers classes for counselors and future counselors.  If you have a desire to learn more, and dive deeper into the Word to learn the how to handle today's  issues  with guidance from the Holy Spirit then you are in the right place .  Our classes, programs and counseling services are  available both on-site and  online, throughout the year.

Whether it be Biblical Counseling, Life  Coaching,  wanting to serve others through Christ-centered counseling as a provider, or  simply the desire to have a closer relationship with Holy Spirit,

SCOPE Ministries International  looks forward to helping you reach your goals.  

Let us know how we can be of service.  We look forward to hearing from YOU!

contact us at 405-843-7778  or  shadden@scopeministries.org .

ScOPE Ministries COUNSELING Services

Scope Ministries International provides Biblical Counseling and Christ-centered Life Coaching. The counseling services we provide are unique. We help the individual to live from the wisdom and power of Christ within.  We help open their eyes and see the spiritual DNA God has placed in them through Christ. 

The Result: Individuals experiences positive changes in thoughts and behaviors.  

For more information and to schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor,
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SCOPe Ministries

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* * *  NOTE:  Please  Be  aware  That  if  OKC  public  schools  are  closed  Due  to   UnFavorable   Weather  Conditions,  then  The  Same  Is  True  For  Scope  Ministries  International. 

You  Can  Also  check  our  Facebook  page  or  the  local  news  stations  for  UpDates  On  CLASS  CLOSINGs  * * *



    Our Mission is to empower people to discover lasting change through Christ-centered counseling and teaching.  

    Our Vision is for the world to rely on the grace and love of Christ for solutions in life. 

    Our Values: We Value People, Christ-centeredness, Stewardship, and Effectiveness. 

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