Scope Ministries International provides Biblical counseling and Life Coaching.  Our counseling is unique in that instead of attempting to counsel individuals as to how they should conduct themselves, we teach understanding of themselves from God's perspective, the character of God, and their relationship with Him. From this, changes in thoughts and behaviors naturally flow.

We offer Be Transformed throughout the year, and we strongly encourage persons seeking any form of counseling to complete the Bible study or be enrolled; however, completion or enrollment is not initially required to meet with a counselor.

Scope Ministries International believes God provides His written word for guidance as to what a Spirit-filled life looks like, with the real focus being a relationship with Him.  We believe this is accomplished by Holy Spirit-led counseling.

Our counselors do not possess the ability to change your life or fix your problems.  Greater understanding and a different approach to life come through participation with Holy Spirit.

*Please note that during inclement weather events, if OKC Public Schools is closed SCOPE will also be closed.  Please check our Facebook page for updates.

Counseling Process

To schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor, please fill out INTAKE FORM.

You are also welcome to complete and submit the form in person. If you are requesting couples counseling, each of you will need to fill out a form. Upon receipt, we will contact you within one to three business days to schedule an appointment.

The triage appointment usually takes place within a week or so depending on your availability.  During this initial appointment, you will receive recommendations for any of the following: individual counseling, coaching, class, small group, or course of direction.  If a counselor is assigned, they will call you shortly to schedule.  For further questions regarding this process, please contact us.

Financial Information

Pastoral Counseling and Biblical Life Coaching
The fee for pastoral counseling and biblical life coaching is $65 per 50-minute session or what you and your mentor agree upon.
Premarital/Marital Counseling and Biblical Life Coaching
The fee for couples counseling is $100 per 50 minute session or what you and your mentor agree upon. 

For information on Financial Sponsorship, please click here.