Financial Sponsorship

Scope Ministries has an ongoing desire to not turn anyone away for financial reasons, we want to be creative in ideas for those clients who truly cannot pay.   We encourage those who are unable to pay for their counseling to seek financial sponsorship from family, friends, or their church.  We have therefore created church partnerships, and sponsorship opportunities to benefit a specific person requesting our services.  

We invite you to follow to download the information below to assist you in seeking out this financial sponsorship.


We are convinced that client participation is crucial to the well-being, mentally and spiritually, of all counselees who look to Scope for healing, discipleship, and pastoral care. What Scope contributes to the Christian community is invaluable.  We believe a person who contributes to the cost of their own care is more likely to be invested, in keeping appointments, completing assigned homework, and being committed to the guidance offered by the counselor.  We strongly encourage everyone to personally contribute to paying for their own counseling, even if someone else is sponsoring them.