• be transformed (revised edition)

    Are you tired of struggling to find victory in your Christian walk? Are you failing in your attempts to be good enough for God to work on your behalf? What does Paul mean when he says we are free from sin? Join us on a journey to see how God’s word applies to our emotional, spiritual and relational needs. As you learn and absorb the truths presented, you will discover personally the transforming power of Christ as the Living Word. Remember, God never fails – you will Be Transformed.

    Class begins online via Zoom conferencing on Tuesdays from January 5th through March 9th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Deadline for enrollment is Monday, January 4, 2020.

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Upcoming Classes

The Weight of Grace: Cost - $50

Divine Difficulties: Cost $50

Graceful Marriages and Boundaries: Cost - $50 per person and $70 per couple

Christ, Covenant, and the Christian Life: Cost - $50 per person and $70 per couple

Man, A 3-Part Being: Cost - $50

New Testament 2: Cost - $175

Care & Counsel for Combat Trauma: Cost - $100

Relaxing with God: Cost - $40

Law & Grace: Cost - $150

Vision Board Workshop: Cost - $100

The Really Good News: Cost - $50

Teens Transformed: Cost - $50

Old Testament: Cost - $175

Christians and Suffering: Cost - $175

The Grace Life Workshop: Cost - $50 per person and $70 per couple

New Covenant Living: Cost - $175

Grace in the Garden: Cost - $50

Be Transformed 2, Maturing in His Grace: Cost - $50 per person and $70 per couple