• be transformed (revised 2020 edition)


    Are you tired of struggling to find victory in your Christian walk? Are you failing in your attempts to be good enough for God to work on your behalf? What does Paul mean when he says we are free from sin? Join us on a journey to see how God’s word applies to our emotional, spiritual and relational needs. As you learn and absorb the truths presented, you will discover personally the transforming power of Christ as the Living Word. Remember, God never fails – you will Be Transformed.

    Join us for this 10 week class on ZOOM beginning on Tuesdays, 

    6:00-8:00 PM CST, March 8-May 10.

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The Naked Gospel

For those who are weary of Christian cliché and compromise crowding out what was supposed to be good news, The Naked Gospel offers the fresh take on the story of Jesus you've been waiting for.

As a university student, Andrew Farley found himself physically and emotionally addicted to street evangelism and Bible study. Yet despite his fervid behavior, he knew something was missing.

That something was an understanding of the gospel that is stripped of the churchy jargon and hypocrisies of the modern church. The Naked Gospel finds kindred spirits among those who are burned out on experience-chasing, ceremonialism, or legalism. It dismantles churchy jargon and powerless ideas and puts forth a message that is simple but life changing:

Jesus plus nothing. 100% natural. No additives.

The Naked Gospel is an invitation to dive deep into the indispensable, powerful core of the Christian faith. Are you ready?

Class is on ZOOM, Thursdays, 6:30-8:00 PM CST, January 6-March 17.


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Grace in the Garden

Grace in the Garden is a wonderful dive into the first three chapters of Genesis where we investigate and discover the grace, character and nature of the God who loves and rescues us. We see His love and grace in the midst of man’s complete and utter failure. 

Class starts on ZOOM Wednesday, 2:00-3:30 CST, February 2-March 23. .

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Weight of Grace

Discover what the Bible has to say about revealing the underlying issues that motivate overeating and how to find lasting freedom from obsessions with food, weight, and dieting. 

Join us for this 14 week class on ZOOM, Thursdays, 6:00-8:00 PM CST, beginning March 24-June 23.

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Dealing with Loss

We learn over a lifetime how to deal with grief. More times than not we find our ways of coping with loss to be ineffective. We will discover that we grieve over many kinds of loss throughout our lives and each time our methods of coping are reinforced. We will look at how we developed our unique ways of coping with loss and find better was to process our emotions during these difficult times. 

Join us for this six week class on ZOOM Wednesdays, 

6:30-8:00PM CST, March 2-April 6.

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