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    Be Transformed has itself been transformed to reveal even more of Father's heart for you.

    Be Transformed Revised is a revision of the Be Transformed material which has been in existence since the 1980"s. This edition is more concise, accurate and prayerfully reflects the the heart of God for His children. The principles shared within BTRE have been developed over 45 years and tens of thousands of mentoring hours.

    Please join us for this life-changing small group study!  Be Transformed is encouraged for all new clients, individuals or couples seeking personal growth, as well as those desiring to help others experience relationship with God.

    Cost: $50 per person/$70 per couple

    Choose from either Daytime or Evening sessions!  


    To Be Announced

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    Tuesdays, March 24 - May 19, from 6:30 - 8:30 PM

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    Does more information produce graceful marriages?  Are marriages improved through a formula?  Marriages based on action and information without a Christ centered graceful life is limited .  Don't settle for second best.  Try marriage done God's way and His way includes boundaries.  Boundaries are His creation, revealed in the Garden, and given to us as a gift.  A gift that promotes intimacy in your relationship with Him and  within your marriage.  Boundaries guard and protect what matters most to Him and are essential to marriage done His way.  

    Facilitated by Sandra Pickard and Dr. Scott Hadden

    Cost:  $50 per person or $70 per couple

    To be announced

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  • New Testament 2

    A survey of the New Testament with emphasis on the application of Scripture to counseling issues.  Students will explore the characteristics of God, examples of grace, pictures of Christ, and New Covenant Living principles in the New Testament as well as prepare homework assignments for clients.

    *Prerequisite:  New Covenant Living

    Cost:  $175

    Taught by Stephanie Felts

    Mondays, Jan. 6th - April 27th, from 6:00 - 7:30

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    The Good News that we were justified by Jesus and now live in the economy of grace only makes sense if people are composed of three parts:  body, soul and spirit.  Find out why this fundamental understanding is so important to all areas of the Christian's walk.  Also learn why a lack of understanding leads to a life of increasing burdens as people labor for Christ instead of living from Christ.  This four-week course explores what the Good News really is.  Not just salvation by Grace but being conformed to the image of Jesus by Grace. Understand what God has already done and will continue to do in your life.  Know the implications of an economy of Grace.  This course will affect your relationship with God, your prayer life, and the way you handle guilt, shame, and regret.

    Led by Darrell Gallear

    Cost:  $50

    to be announced

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    Are you experiencing the abundant life that Jesus promised?  The Grace Life Workshop explains what happened when we placed our faith in Christ.  This is a 6 week course that will address the following topics:

    * You are not your own worst enemy*

    * The part the flesh plays in our daily walk*

    *Jesus in us, us in Jesus*

    *The battle for control*

    *Living out our new identity*

    Led by Dr. Scott Hadden, and Darrell and Pam Gallear

    Cost:  $50/person or $70/couple

    Coming soon!!

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    2020 Vision Board Workshop - Dream Forward with God

    You've heard it said, "Memories take us back . . . Dreams take us forward". Before He laid the foundation of the world, He knew you and called you by name. He tucked into your heart the desires, gifts, talents, and purpose to have an amazing life. Are you living it?  Don't waste another year wishing your life were different. Dream forward with God and He will reveal who you are, why you matter, and how you can be an expression of Him that no other can be and in the process you will discover the life you were created to live. 

    The cost of this workshop is $100.00,  includes lunch, all supplies and a one-hour private life coaching session to help you move into the life you desire.  Some scholarships are available, and space is limited.

    Facilitated by Sandra Pickard

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    Date to be announced!



    • New Covenant Living is a class designed to lead people into experiencing the freedom of living in the finished work of Christ and to know Him not only as Savior, but as life itself.  Christ promised us in John 10:10 we would experience life abundant - His life in us.  It is only as we come to know all we have been given in Christ and in the New Covenant, that we will understand and begin to live out of this marvelous and lavish gift - the very definition of "abundant life."

    Taught by Scope Staff

    Cost:  $175 per person

    Choose from either Daytime or Evening sessions!

    Mondays, To be announced   11:00 - 12:30

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    Mondays, To be announced!  6:00 - 7:30 pm

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      This course will help you develop a greater understanding of the complexities surrounding the post-combat experience of hundreds of thousands of active duty military members and veterans. As well as equip Christian pastors and lay ministers to reach out with sensitivity and relevance to military members, veterans and families in their congregations and communities.

      Who should take the CCCT course?

    • Military and hospital chaplains
    • Mental health professionals
    • College and university counselors to veterans
    • Emergency service personnel
    • Rescue workers
    • Pastors and ministry leaders
    • Health care professionals
    • Anyone affected by combat trauma
    • Family, friends and colleagues
    • Those living with the aftermath of combat experiences

    This is a 30-session course. We will study two sessions per week for 15 weeks.

    Upon completion of this course you will receive a Certificate of Completion from Cru Military Ministries.

    Taught by Darrell Gallear

    Cost:  $100

    Thursdays, Jan. 16th - Apr. 23rd, from 2:00 - 5:00

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  • Christ, covenant, and the christian life

    Maybe you, like us, have wondered or struggled with the “how-to’s” of living the Christian life.  Have the red-letter words in the gospels left you feeling hopeless or believing you will never measure up?  Have you heard the word  “covenant” and not understood what it means?  Come journey with us as we go exploring to find answers to these questions and more. We will be discovering the treasures of truth found in the covenants of the Bible, how they relate to Christ, His words and living out the Christian life.

    Cost:  $50 per person/$70 per couple

    Taught by Scope Staff

    Wednesdays, Jan. 29th - April 15th, from 6:00 - 7:30  pm

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    Is Genesis just the story of creation? Or could it contain more than can be imagined? Let's go on a treasure hunt to spy out the grace to be found in the Garden of Eden. The first three chapters of Genesis contain the very nature and character of Father God, His intention for His greatest creation -- man, and His great love and grace in the midst of man's complete and utter failure. These three chapters are foundational for the rest of Scripture. You are invited back in time to see the God of creation in a new way.

    Taught by Scope Staff

    Cost:  $50

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    By: Andrew Farley

    Jesus called his followers to exchange the heavy yoke around their necks for his light one. So why are so many Christians feeling weighed down and burned out? The simple answer is that they are being told from many pulpits across the country what they "should be" doing for God. Bestselling author Andrew Farley calls this for what it is--works-based religion--and then shares with readers biblical wisdom on the neglected art of resting in Christ. Anyone longing to experience true release from the crushing expectations that the world throws their way will find life and rest in Farley's revolutionary message.

    Cost:  $40 (includes the book)

    Book study facilitated by Scope Staff

    Thursdays, Jan. 30th - April 2nd, from 6:00 - 7:30

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    This four week course explores what the Good News really is.  Not just salvation by Grace but being conformed to the image of Jesus by Grace.  Understand what God has already done and will continue to do in your life.  We will get to know the implications of an economy of Grace.  This course will affect your relationship with God, impact your prayer life, as well as how to handle guilt, shame, and regret while learning to walk in God's amazing Grace.

    Led by Darrell Gallear

    Cost:  $50

    To be announced

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  • Christians and suffering

    Questions that will be addressed in this class include: Is there a way to avoid suffering? Am I doing something wrong? What or who is behind the suffering of a Christian? How do I make it through tough times? How do I minister to someone who is going through suffering? 

    Taught by Pam Gallear

    Cost:  $175


    Mondays, March 16th - May 11th, from 2:30 - 4:30

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    Would you like a fresh start with a grace approach to your relationship with food?  Have you become impatient and frustrated in this area of your life?  Could you benefit from a confidential small group with other women where you can find encouragement and share with others on this journey?  Join Pam as we travel together on this road.

    Facilitated by Pam Gallear

    Cost:  $50

    Watch for new dates/times coming soon!

  • law and grace

    This study will examine the achieving system (law) and the receiving system (grace) which is expressed through the Old Testament teaching (law) and the New Testament teaching (grace).  

    The 10 week course includes weekly assignments and is graded by a book review on the topic of grace.  

    Cost:  $150

    Taught by Dr. Scott Hadden

    Coming soon!

  • Old Testament

    Is God different in the Old Testament than He is in the New?  Sometimes we can think He is.  Join us as we take a look at the Old Testament through the lens of grace, the finished work of Christ and the New Covenant.  You might just be surprised at how good He really is!   

    Taught by Scope Staff

    Cost:  $175

    Watch for new dates/times coming soon!

  • Teens transformed

    This group is designed to address the root causes of behavioral, relational, emotional and spiritual problems teens experience, and have some fun along the way!  The study teaches the practical application of Biblical principles every teen needs to live a more abundant life in the midst of daily challenges.  Designed for students ages 13 - 17.

    Facilitated by Stephanie Felts and Leasa Forbes

    Cost:  $50

    Watch for new dates/times coming soon!

  • Be Transformed 2 - MATURING IN HIS GRACE

    This is the “next step” to Be Transformed, designed to strengthen and deepen the message of grace.  The lessons and homework review vital concepts in Be Transformed as well as new topics such as:  Oneness with the Father, Forgiveness in Real Life, Grace that Frees, and New Identity in Daily Life.

    Taught by Darrell and Pam Gallear

    Cost:  $50 per person or $70 per couple


    Watch for new dates/times coming soon!

  • divine difficulties

    Do you want to be delivered from difficulties or delivered through difficulties?  Most would choose to be delivered from difficulties.  So why does God allow His children to experience trials and problems?  Why does God often deliver through them?  Difficulties were predicted by Jesus Himself when He said, "In this world you will have tribulation," John 16:33.  Problems and afflictions are common to all and can be expected because they are normal.  How can these difficulties reveal Christ within?  How can they bring glory to God?  What can I believe or do in the middle of tribulation?

    Taught by Dr. Scott Hadden

    Cost:  $50, and includes the book

    Watch for new dates/times coming soon!