Educate a Girl, Change a Nation...

The Pearl House is a home of rescue for vulnerable girls in West Africa.  It began 5 years ago and has grown from 20 to 42 girls!  All have lost their parents and have lived through painful circumstances but in the shelter of these walls each learns their life truly has value. They are taught about their identity and purpose in Christ. 

The mission of Scope is to demonstrate the sufficiency of Christ and His Word in order to meet the needs of hurting people.  We have been invited to share this ministry with the girls of The Pearl House and offer training to the precious women that care for them. 

In March 2019, three counselors will travel to Ghana with West Metro Community Church.  We are excited to see what Father does there.  We plan to create a new resource designed specifically for the girls. We will share this new booklet, provide Be Transformed and Teens Transformed books for all connected to the Pearl House and train the House Moms in how to facilitate these groups. 

We want you to join in this story!  Please pray about how God would have you participate. Prayer and financial support are needed.

The staff members making this trip are Stephanie Felts, Vickie Kurtz, and Lauren Anderson.  Each must raise $2,500 - $2,600.  

The cost for supplies and materials is estimated at $1500-$1750.  

You can donate to any of these ladies individually, or to the Pearl House Mission Trip Fund in general by using the buttons below. 

Thank you for your continued support of Scope Ministries International.  

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The Scope "Pearls!"

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